The French Garden


To understand the French Garden, we look back at the origins and take a journey through history, ending with examples of French Garden design in the U.S. and focusing on the newly restored French Garden at the Stevens Coolidge Place in North Andover, MA. 

Our Grandmothers Knew What They Were Doing!


Find inspiration for your own garden from horticultural wisdom handed down from our grandmothers' time.  This presentation brings to life the design approach and sage advice of prominent garden writers of the early 20th Century.  Their pearls of wisdom continue to inform us on color blending, cultural considerations and plant placement.  Truly, our grandmothers knew what they were doing!

Perennials In The Garden


Proper placement and selection of perennials presents a unique challenge even to the inveterate gardener.  This presentation addresses those challenges and provides a photographic survey of select perennials and how best to place them in the garden.  A handout of blooming sequence and pleasing combinations is provided. 

Plant This With That


Knowing which plant combinations work well together unlocks the gate to harmony in the garden.  This presentation provides tried and true companions that will keep your garden in sync throughout the seasons.  A photographic survey of effective pairings includes perennials, shrubs and bulbs and is accompanied by a comprehensive plant list. 

Residential Design - Try This At Home!


What do you do when you are in need of a fresh look to your residential landscape?  So often, we make the same choices without considering other options. This presentation will walk you through the process of designing the area surrounding your house, give you a fresh perspective and help you avoid common mishaps so frequently seen in the typical foundation planting.  

Sequence of Bloom


Knowing when plants are at their best enables the gardener to create majestic gardens of delight. This presentation follows perennials, shrubs and ornamental trees as they progress through the seasons and offers a photographic calendar of bloom times and associated design considerations. A handout of blooming sequence and pleasing combinations is provided.