The Design Process


The Concept

 The design process includes an articulation of functional and aesthetic design objectives, a site analysis, an assessment of the hardscape necessities, an existing plant inventory and an informal conceptual plan. Clients are kept informed of progress and involved at every step of the design process.

Properties with historic significance are designed to respect the past.  Treatments vary from a structured preservationist approach to a subtle harmonization with the historical context of the property.  Regardless of the approach, designs are appropriate to the style of the house and surrounding landscape while accommoding the client's present day lifestyle.   


The Plans

 Master Plans organize the space as determined by the individualized program for the property. Master Plans are appropriate when the overall landscape is undeveloped or in need of complete redirection.

Planting Plans provide further detail by pinpointing the exact location of every plant and specifying the name of each plant to be installed. Planting Plans typically include a notebook of detailed care and cultural information.

Garden Maintenance Plans translate the cultural information into a customized property maintenance regime.


The Installation

Once the Planting Plans are complete, the design is reviewed with installers and contractors. Hardscapes are delineated and samples are provided prior to construction. The plant material is selected at the nursery and the installation is scheduled and supervised. Clients are involved commensurate with their interest.