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French Garden

Horticultural Consultation

Insights and recommendations are provided as the property is toured with the client. Typically, this meeting lasts two hours and will result in concrete suggestions to enhance the client's use and enjoyment of the landscape. Consultations are billed at $85.00 per hour.

Historic Preservation

Properties with historic significance are designed to respect the past. Treatments vary from a structured preservationist approach to a subtle harmonization with the historical context of the property. Regardless of the approach, designs are appropriate to the style of the house and surrounding landscape while accommodating the client's present day lifestyle.

The Plan to Rehabilitate The French Garden at The Stevens-Coolidge Place in North Andover, MA. heightened the skills necessary to rejuvenate historic properties.


'Sequence of Bloom' is a power point lecture created for garden clubs and other groups to enjoy a walk through the seasons. This photographic presentation of the succession of bloom as it relates to the ever changing landscape provides a thorough survey of this essential element of landscape design.

'The French Garden' is a description of the cultural landscape process involved in rehabilitating this potager to its former splendor as the jewel of The Stevens- Coolidge estate. This interpretation of the original design increases the appreciation of this preservation project.